How to Dislike in These Politically Correct Times

Now, let it be said that I am almost without exception, a liker of people. I like that they are not all the same, that they opine – at times wildly and without actual thought – in a manner different to moi.  Or not that differently, if that example is anything to go by. I like that they wear different clothes, hair, make up, facial expressions. That they smell, feel and experience all things in their own way. I don’t always agree with other people, sure, but it’s all good.

So why is it, that every now and then, one comes across a person who immediately and without much provocation, one simply cannot abide? Let’s just say, for example, you meet a person via your local school, as often happens. For all intents and purposes, another of the sisterhood doing the best she can by her offspring and those in her world. Except that she pisses you riiiiiight off. It’s nothing that one of your friends hasn’t said before, but somehow, it gets stuck in your craw. In fact, you may not have even known that you HAD a craw, prior to this interaction.

And don’t misunderstand, I am friends, close friends, with many people who are, frankly, not very nice. Not you obviously. But a handful of my other pals. You know, they are persnickety, they do not like other humans and tell you all about it, they are alcoholics, they despise small children AND animals and are very rich. I put that last bit in so you would know for sure I wasn’t referring to you, so get over yourself.

So clearly, pricks don’t bother me. So why, WHY does this chick? I don’t really care enough to put it to her and hash out the whys and wherefores. No, as well as having bits stuck in my craw thanks to this…person, I also have apathy. So, I kind of care that I don’t care, but not enough to actually care, you know what I mean? Maybe she reminds me of myself? Actually, that may be true, so I’m going now, that just made me puke a little in my mouth and I still have to feed and bathe the cherubs. Need my energy for the people I love but at times do not like, especially when they are kicking me in the tummy while I attempt to put a poop catcher on them.

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