Ahhh, the holidays…

Well, what a lovely holiday we’re having here at the Homestead. First, we have a massive lice outbreak, featuring largely in the head of our 7 year old. I removed at least 40, yes FORTY live adults from his scone in one sitting after he wouldn’t go to sleep the first night of our holidays and I noticed him scratch his head. Next morning, I checked the 5 year old. Thankfully, he only had 2. I had 1. The baby and the groom, 0. I have been raking our hair and scalp with a lice comb twice daily ever since, and while I can safely say that none of us have lice, nits or flakes of any kind, we are all but bald. Small price to pay, methinks.

Next stop, Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease. I think it’s the “Disease” portion that makes me feel so blah. The 5 year old presented with what looked like some small bites or pimples on his wrist and hand not long after we had had a play date at, you guessed it, a play centre. We had avoided most icky childhood diseases at until now, due to my children throwing pink fits when I had attempted to introduce them to a few hours of childcare in the past. Most kids I know who have broken out in HFMD, lice, the delightfully named Slapface, had contracted these from creche and the like where many small mouths, hands and snot purveyors carouse.  Well, now it seems I am attempting to fit all of these in on the one two week break.  Any small semblance of smugness I had regarding my children avoiding such illness’ has now been eradicated.

The poor baby,meanwhile, is not so lucky as to have come down with only a mild case. She is covered in blisters, around and most likely in her mouth, on both the tops and soles of her feet, palms and tops of her hands, all over her nappy region and would you believe, her knees. Poor moppet barely knows what to do with herself. She really just wants to be cuddled by yours truly for a good part of the day, however given the Groom has just unexpectedly and somewhat miraculously installed shelves into our wardrobes, I am obsessed with rearranging our bedroom. Not very conducive to lap time, that. I must be content with being one third of the way through my bedroom re-vamp revolution, and try not to resent the needs of the Blistered One. I’m sure if she could only grasp the excitement that I feel at the prospect of buying baskets for the new shelves – creating a system of neatness as yet unseen in this house – she would forgo her whining and neediness.

So, think of me fondly, wont you, as those of you with school & kinder aged offspring gallivant about the place, signing up for Bunnings workshops, taking your kids swimming to the local indoor pool, and many other such fun school holiday type activities. No really, we’re fine here under lock down conditions, can’t have us passing anything on to the rest of you, can we? Happy freaking Easter.

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