New clothes for zero cost – who knew?!

I organised a clothes swap at my home today, inviting along some friends who are not adverse to hand-me-downs and maybe had some things that they no longer wish to wear for whatever reasons.  Given I have recently had a baby and my body is all kinds of different to the way it was prior to that, I had oodles of garments to offload.  Some I had loved, others not so much, but I was over having them clogging up my bedroom. They were stuffed into draws, hanging in the wardrobe, and hidden in suitcases under the bed. I had too much of things that may not ever hold my proportions in the again. It was time to offload.

In they came from far and wide (well, within 5km anyway) with their bags brimming with stylish pieces no longer deemed suitable. There were labels, no name, shoes, pj’s, a fairly saucy bra – you name it! A room full of gorgeous women of varying shapes and sizes were in 7th heaven, spying an item that was “them” and shimmying up the stairs to the full length mirror for a try on. I am pleased to say that nobody left empty handed. I am even more pleased to say that I got rid of more than I acquired. Mission accomplished!

And what a pleasant way to update ones wardrobe, for the cost of a couple of hours of our time, some biccies and dip. Ought to be way more of it, and in the spirit of my year of clearing clutter, dammit there will be!!

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