New Normal

So the boys are back to school & kinder, and as I return to my now deathly quiet house (save the bleating of our pet sheep on the back yard), I am embracing this new normal that I have been begging for, for many a year.  I look around and see that I have already folded the last 53 loads of washing, done the dishes and all that I need to do now is more washing, dry the dishes, put all of the above away, vac the floors etc…but still, a vast improvement upon the holiday period, and I get to do it interruption free until Molly wakes up.

Now I have had several conversations over the past few years with older women who have assured me that once my children are at school and I have all of this free time, I will miss them, cry, take up charity work to fill the void and so forth. Now that I am here, to them I say…are you fucking kidding?! This is the first time in around 7 years that I have been able to have a though without having it shattered by “Mum, I’m hungry”, “Mum, when can I get a new [insert name of useless, non-educational toy here]”, “Whey can’t I have an icy pole RIGHT NOW (at 9:17 a.m.)”. I am about to make a coffee, eat a Weight Watchers Brownie and catch up on some recorded programs that, frankly, I did not even hope to view before 2015.

I’ll be back, just gotta get all this done before Molly wakes up and I have to get Jacob from kinder, Mackay from after school care, and take Jacob’s friend home from their play date, and wait for the bloke to come and fix the oven…

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