So I’m wondering, would the fact that rats have set up their family dwelling in your BBQ be a sign that you have been neglecting your social duties? It has been over a year since we last cracked open the heat beads and gas bottle…so I’m thinking yes.  I checked with the Groom that it was not a sign that we are filthy scum, and he assures me that this is not the case. He went on to tell me that it was the small, undisturbed space that did it. Part of me hesitates to believe him, given my dislike for cleaning, however the BBQ has always been his domain, so at the very least, I can allocate blame to him. Suits me fine. Except for the fact the RATS BUILT THEIR NEST IN OUR BBQ!!!!!!! I’m off to scrub myself down with Solvol and bleach, possibly a bit of caustic soda.

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