What to do, what to do…

Faced with a most rare block of time to myself (well, Miss is still here of course, let’s not get TOO carried away now), I am flummoxed as to which road to take. Do I a) fold and put away the 12 loads of washing strewn about the homestead b) go back to bed or c) catch up on recorded episodes of my favourite programs? Tough choices, all, I know. Given I will be out this arvo with my standing Tuesday Luncheon Special with Da Girls, housework really needs doing now. I am soooooo very tired, and the bed calls my name with its siren song. And yet, here I find myself in the ol’ recliner, foot rest popped, baby playing happily with the curtains beside me, watching last weeks episode of House.

If you can explain this, please do. I consider myself quite bright, and the other two options certainly deserve my attention more the the smart arse quips of a pretend person. Not even a particularly good episode. And now I look around, the clothes piling up around us all, threatening to form their own union and walk out. Well, at least Dad would always have a job…

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